Spring. New life bursts forth from frozen earth, courageously beckoning promise after death. Wildflowers and tulips dance like the dresses adorned with them. Warm drinks cool and the sun comes home after long travels away. Summer. Rich warmth hangs in the air like the hug of deep green trees surrounding, melting the last frost of … Continue reading Seasons



Truly I tell you, it is better for a car to crash, an enemy to bomb, a loved one to be murdered or an illness to take a life than it is for a human to be stripped of their spirit, of their dignity, of the ability to differentiate between love and hate, between what … Continue reading Devestation


We're not alone in it. Even the hardened corporate business man knows, under his insistence on being fed...we hunger. We feed money machines, ingest social news feeds and new mothers spend all waking and sleeping hours clocking feedings. We're constantly obsessed with hunger. From devouring books, TV and movies to ideas, creations and innovative modes of efficiency. Entire businesses … Continue reading Hunger